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3 Benefits for Leaders Who Say Yes

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Effective leaders say yes!

They understand that a leader's focus should be to encourage innovation and maximize the wisdom in the room. In order to do this, you need to provide individuals the space to come up with ways they can reach their goals and build opportunity, not only for themselves but the organization as a whole.

It can be scary to take a risk on your employees and say yes. It might not always seem like a career enhancing move, and yet the alternative, being a leader that allows no room for employees to drive their own success or innovate, is not the safer choice. It is the quickest way to have disengaged workers and middle of the road results.

So to help make the process of saying yes easier, below you will find three benefits for leaders who say yes.

#1 A Team That Isn’t Afraid to Fail

A fear of failure is one of the biggest hindrances to business today. As a leader when you say yes, you encourage your employees to push the boundaries and try. You should stay close to what they are creating and collaborate with them. When all is said and done, analyze the results and make a decision on how to move forward. By supporting their efforts and having the conversations, even if the decision is to not continue with the idea, it’s not looked at as failure, it’s looked at as innovation and probably spurs new and even better ideas.

#2 Gain Insights on New Business Opportunities

When you say yes, you can gain insight to new business opportunities you might not have thought about before. The risk of impact is generally low, especially when experience is on a small (controlled) scale. Great leaders learn from those they surround themselves with. Saying yes can be a very eye-opening experience.

#3 Identify Your Employees Strengths

How will you know what a person is capable of if you never give them the chance to show you? As a leader saying yes provides an organic way to identifying strengths within your team, and creates opportunities to develop others. At Fierce, we believe you delegate responsibilities to advance an employee’s skill set. By providing the space for your team to innovate you get the chance to discover more about their talents that you can then further develop.

What could your team accomplish if you said yes more?


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