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3 Hacks for Your Summer Work Routine

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Yesterday was the first official day of summer. And let’s be honest, sometimes the summer work routine can really drag you down. You are at the office grinding, while you longingly stalk your colleagues on social media - sailing in the Mediterranean or camping in the Grand Canyon. Summer vacation jealousy can rear its ugly head quickly.

So…how do you deal?  

Use the summer as a reason and time to explore different ways you can work. It is a great time to take advantage of more daylight, and other people’s vacation time to get ahead.

Here are three routine shifts to try:

    1. Change your hours. Experiment with when you work. Perhaps the sunshine in the morning makes it easier for you to wake up. Go to the office early, so you can leave and enjoy more of the afternoon sunshine. If you can’t change your hours, run errands or pay bills early in the morning, so you can play after work.

    1. Regulate your Facebook and Instagram use. During your work hours, restrict your social media use to only work and business. The jealousy factor will continue to go off the charts if you keep living vicariously through others. Focus on being present with your colleagues and current work.

    1. Take mini-vacations. If you can’t take two weeks off in the summer, make sure to take a day or two. The benefits of truly disconnecting are profound. Make plans to explore or do something that will make your mini-vacation memorable. In fact, a Twitter study found that 94% found traveling during the vacation to be more meaningful than a “staycation.”


How will you switch up your routine this summer?


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