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3 Reasons to Show Humility as a Leader

BLOG-11.6.13 3 Reasons to Show Humility as a Leader - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

In our Fierce Conversations training we talk about older styles of leadership. One older style is the command and control mentality, which would have us believe that it’s better to hold your cards close to the vest and not let those you lead know too much.

While this style of leadership may seem antiquated, too often it still creeps into our daily subconscious and limits leaders from showing the powerful quality of humility.

The power of being a humble leader goes far beyond being a person that others like. It is actually very strategic. Below are three reasons showing humility as a leader impacts your bottom line.

#1: Innovation

Leaders who are comfortable with showing humility leave space for more robust conversations because they don’t limit what can or can’t be talked about. Arrogance in its nature makes things smaller. When you limit what is okay or not okay to talk about, you limit the possibilities. If those you lead feel they have grace within your relationship to take risks and speak up, your company is set up to innovate and grow.

#2: Mistakes Will Be Made

Inevitably you will make a mistake, you're human. By owning up to your mistakes, you save time, energy, and emotional capital which would have been wasted if it was directed toward something not worthy of those resources. On the flip side, when others make mistakes you'll have the strength in your relationships to bounce back faster and have it impact the business less.

#3: Developing Others

Humble leaders understand that their success is larger than themselves. They have interest in truly developing their team and future leaders. Whether it’s by mentoring, coaching, or inviting differing perspectives to the table to be heard, they realize they're part of a larger picture.

Do you think humility is an important strategic quality for leaders?


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