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3 Things New Leaders Should Never Do

BLOG-08.21.13 3 Things New Leaders Should Never Do - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

If you’re new to a leadership role, you know that when you were promoted to your position no one took you aside, waved a magic wand over you, and turned you into the type of person who always says the right thing, does the right thing, and knows how to handle every situation perfectly.

However, the reality is, as a leader you are held to a higher standard. While this may take time for you to wrap your head around, the good news is that being an effective leader is something you can practice. It is a skill that you can master, and one of your first steps is to know what to avoid.

Below are 3 things, you as a leader, should steer clear of now and forever.

#1 Don’t Make Assumptions

As a new leader, asking follow up questions is so important. If you are in a conversation with someone on your team and you hear something that causes you to have a negative reaction, take a breath and then ask for clarity. The making assumptions happens so fast that it takes time to hone the skill of stepping back. Realize that as you work on building this muscle, you may make an assumption that causes a reaction that you’re not happy you had. The best counter reaction is to call it out and then ask the follow up questions you need to ask. Humility is an incredibly endearing quality in a leader.

#2 Don’t Assert Your Dominance in the Heat of the Moment

Let’s say you go to your team with a brilliant idea and instead of singing your praises, they push back on it. What do you do? If your answer is to get defensive or pull the “I’m the boss, so there” routine you’ll see less and less people speaking up and more and more people tuning out. There will be times, in your career as a leader, when it is important to let those whom you lead know that you are the boss and you’re not messing around. However, when you assert dominance in the heat of the moment it says one thing: you can’t be trusted.

#3 Don’t Devalue Your Relationships

As a leader your most valuable currency are your relationships. In order for you to be successful, your team must be successful. The challenge of being a leader resides in the fact that you must support others to achieve their goals, in order for you to achieve yours. That is why the strength of relationships is with each individual and the group as a collective should be a top priority. The reality is great leaders make the time.

As a new leader, what do you think you should never do?


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