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3 Tips for Supercharging Small Team Collaboration

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published by Forbes and shares three tips to supercharge small team collaboration and maximize efforts.

Effective collaboration is critical to teams of all sizes, but it becomes especially important for smaller teams that do not have as much time, resources, and bandwidth as others. If your team is not operating at its highest potential, you could be in danger of running low on time or money. Being agile, adaptive, and most importantly, highly collaborative, is what separates high-performing teams from the ones that are just staying afloat.

Per Matt Hunckler, Forbes contributor, and his interviewee, Max Yonder, there are some tips that can lead to better small-team collaboration.

1. Share Before You’re Ready. We have all gone deep down the proverbial rabbit hole only to find out the task at hand did not come to fruition as plans changed. Not only is it disheartening to see loads of research and work become obsolete, it can seriously set back team momentum. Daily standups or check-ins can help eliminate this problem and ensure the entire team is working on the most important tasks.

2. Have Difficult Conversations. We at Fierce do not shy away from having difficult conversations. And a lot of the time, it saves our teams time and money. Although it is always important to respect other team members’ feelings and to have these conversations with grace, they ultimately need to happen. The more difficult or “fierce conversations” you have, the easier it is to have them.

“Direct, honest critique helps your business by ensuring only the best ideas are executed.”

Read the last tip and the rest of the article here.


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