3 Tips to Be More Honest in the Workplace

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With National Honesty Day approaching on April 30th, managers and leaders everywhere have an opportunity to evaluate the role honesty plays in their workplace. We surveyed over 1,400 executives and employees and found that 70% of respondents believed a lack of honesty impacted their company’s ability to perform optimally.

When the topic of being truly honest comes up, leaders and employees usually express fear that some people can’t handle the “whole” truth. And we say simply: Stop with that excuse. Don’t make other people’s compromises for them. Hold people around you able to listen and learn the truth. It is the much more respectful route for everyone. Oftentimes when people say that the other person can’t handle it, it is really the person tasked with sharing something difficult or potentially trajectory-changing that have the issue in the first place.

Be the person in your team, organization, family, and community that is able to describe reality in a way that is respectful and makes a difference. It takes practice and skill to feel more comfortable. Use these three tips to help you get there.

Ask for Feedback and Really Listen

Stay Current and Keep it Short

Lose the Pillows and Be Direct

Now is a better time than ever to step out of the “comfort” zone and share what you truly think and feel. Be a little more honest.

Baby steps are better than none.