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3 Tips to Motivate Your Employees by Tapping into the Love of the Team


This Friday we celebrate the holiday of love: Valentine's Day. Despite what your company thinks of interoffice romance, tapping into the emotions of how your employees feel about their colleagues, themselves, and their organization can be a great way to build relationships, and thus, motivate them to show up even more engaged.

For a lot of us, the people we spend most of our days with are our co-workers. While common business practice would say that it's not a good idea to say you love your colleagues or boss, the truth is many of us develop deep connections that are made up of respect, admiration, loyalty, and trust - all the components of a loving relationship.

Below are 3 tips to motivate your employees to be more engaged by tapping into the love of the team.

Tip #1: Teach Them How to Confront

All healthy relationships have a certain amount of friction to them. True love isn't built when there's a "yes" man. And so, if you want to keep the relationship strong and your teams engaged with one another, make sure they have the skill set and common language to address concerns. Relationships deteriorate, gradually then suddenly, one missing or failed conversation at a time.

Tip #2: Provide Chances to Connect

Sometimes when you label something, it destroys it. Other times by calling a spade a spade, you enrich the process. As a conversations company, Fierce does plenty of talking, and yet, our culture craved a formal process around how to engage with one another. So we created "Culture Buddies"; we're assigned, at random, a colleague to meet with at least once in a quarter to talk about life and work. When you provide the space and time for your existing relationships to deepen and for new relationships to be formed, you further engage everyone involved.

Tip #3: Don't Neutralize Everything

In the name of being politically correct there can be a tendency to neutralize all situations at work. We can encourage people to avoid emotions or to not use language that is bold. In the quest for inclusiveness, you alienate people because there is no commitment. When your teams show passion towards their work and their colleagues, they're showing you that they care. Don't shy away from that. As long as it's done with a spirit to enrich the relationship and not tear it down, give it air to breath. This can motivate them to show up that way more often.


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