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3 Tips to Recruit with Purpose

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In 2016, we at Fierce predict that job candidates will want to ensure a potential company’s purpose and mission align with values they hold near and dear to their hearts. While this seems complicated, it really isn’t.

There are simple ways to stay connected and really recruit while engaging the heart and mind.

    1. Ask job seekers about their values. The next time people come to you complaining about their current job (or if they have come to the conclusion that they need a new one), ask what their values are. This is not about perks and culture as much as answering the questions: What do you stand for? What matters to you? Have them write their values down and really talk about them. This relates to finding the why.


To bring new people onboard, make sure their values align with the company’s. Values and purpose, over tangible items such as salary, will become an increasingly important factor in the decision-making process in our competitive job market. In fact, a high salary is the least important aspect of a job to both men and women, whereas holding a job they enjoy is the most important aspect, according to Pew Research Center. So don’t skirt around what really needs to be talked about.

    1. Use social media as a sneak-peek into your organization. There is visibility into people’s lives like never before. With social media that connects us in new ways every day, people are able to gain insight about an organization and the people it attracts – without even directly talking. This means that every person, and especially the CEO, needs to accept that their vision and persona will be highly influential in the recruiting process. This places a whole new level of responsibility on leaders and employees to accurately represent and depict the mission and ideals of the organization.


Invite your marketing or public relations team to share best practices for using social media, and brainstorm new ways that individuals in your organization can share their purpose and experience inside of the organization. It is not only a great way to attract people to join your company, it also reinvigorates the individuals going through the exercise. Really talking about how you feel

    1. Don’t be afraid to say no. When meeting potential candidates, if their values and purpose do not align with your organization, don’t be afraid to say no. And sometimes, that can just mean for the current opportunity. For instance, if someone continues to show interest in your nonprofit work, when you only have openings in your corporate work, make sure to have the conversation that addresses this head on. Sometimes, people convince themselves that being around the work – even if they aren’t doing it – is what matters most. Research is showing that the more immediate purpose is driving the show.


Sometimes the best thing you can do is decide that the position is not a good fit for the candidate and the company. It isn’t forever – it is just for now.

Yes, you must know that recruitment conversations have left the sole “salary and benefits” land to a much more robust, complex space. Focus on the whole person and have the deep conversations, go beyond the surface to attract and recruit the crème de la crème.


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