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3 Ways Leaders Can Increase Empathy

3 Ways Leaders Can Increase Empathy
This week’s Friday resource comes from Forbes and lists ways leaders can grow in empathy.

Research reveals that today’s most successful leaders all have a trait in common: empathy. Empathy allows a person to step into another person’s shoes and understand their perspective. This trait is beneficial because it allows whomever is in the position of leadership to approach the needs of their team members with genuine concern, which creates trust and strengthens relationships within teams and organizations.

In conversation, empathy shifts how a leader will guide and respond to the discussion. A conversation with an empathic leader often leaves people feeling seen, heard, and cared for.

Per Teri Citterman, CEO of Talonn and Forbes contributor, here are some ways you can increase empathy as a leader.

1. Know more. “Do you know what’s most important to each of your team members? Not what you think is, but what actually is most important? If you don’t, how can you support them in achieving their goals in their careers and in their lives – let alone, giving their best to you? How do you know how to motivate them?”

2. Care more. “Once I was having a conversation at a crowded restaurant with a prominent leader. He said, ‘You know Teri, you make me feel like I’m the only one in the room.’ I asked him to elaborate. He said, ‘Because you’re not distracted, you maintain eye contact and you ask great questions.’ (This was prior to becoming an executive coach). The learning here is simple. We are all distracted. But when you’re meeting with a team member, or an employee or with anyone for that matter, focus. Help that person feel, that to you, they’re the most important person in the room.”

Read the third tip and the rest of the article here.


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