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3 Ways to Build Employees into Leaders

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published on and outlines three tips for developing more leaders within your organization.

Organizations need more leaders and less bosses. What do we mean by that? Well an organization’s culture either creates more bosses or more leaders, and this choice has a huge impact on an organization’s bottom line. While bosses just want to get things done, leaders will constantly push themselves to improve. When confronted with an obstacle, a leader will explore avenues outside of the set process to solve the problem at hand.

The question simply put is: How do we create more innovators and less followers?

Three Ways to Build Employees into Leaders urges organizations to stop coaching and start challenging your employees. If you never challenge a team member, they will never have a reason to tap into their leadership potential.

Are you holding your team accountable?

“Increase the capability of your staff through more challenges as opposed to coaching. Being coached is easy to ignore. Striving to accomplish a new challenge is difficult. By encouraging people to think, you may be surprised at the solutions they come up with.”

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