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3 Ways to Work Meditation Into Your Busy Day

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This week's Fierce Resource was first published on and was written by Jessica Stillman.

3 Ways to Work Meditation Into Your Busy Day shares techniques on how to be mindful and incorporate more meditation into your days. Although it may seem impossible at times, there are small ways to help breakthrough the noise.

"No doubt you’ve noticed that mindfulness and meditation have moved out of the monastery and into corporate America. The topic is so hot that Wisdom 2.0, a conference, started in 2009, dedicated to exploring how to be more mindful about our technology use, now has a waiting list that runs into the hundreds. There are meditation apps galore, and organizations from Google to the Marine Corps have embraced the idea of promoting mindfulness. Some longtime meditators and Buddhists are even complaining that this new frenzy is corrupting the real meaning of mindfulness."

To read the full article, click here.


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