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360 Feedback Questions

360 Feedback Questions
Tips & Templates for Gathering 360 Degree Feedback

This week’s Friday resource comes from Quantum and discusses what employees want (and need) from feedback gathering processes.

Annual (and even bi-annual or quarterly) feedback is outdated. When it comes to feedback, one thing is clear: continuous employee feedback is the most effective approach.

In your organization, there are multiple methods you can use for gathering feedback. Unfortunately, some of these methods create more problems than they solve. Outdated processes can create hostility, lower morale, decrease engagement, and have a negative impact on workplace culture.

So what are some of these problematic methods, and what are the alternative ways to request feedback? Take a look at these easy fixes, per Kourtney George, Quantum:

The Problem: Once-A-Year Feedback
Lack of frequency gives managers an excuse to avoid giving feedback and addressing performance the rest of the year, whether good or bad.

The Fix: Frequent, Ongoing Feedback
Make feedback conversations between managers and employees frequent and ongoing. Discussing more timely and relevant topics ensures that issues are taken care of before they get out of hand.

The Problem: Manager & Self-Evaluations Only
Evaluating performance solely from the manager and employee’s point of view creates feedback inaccuracies.

The Fix: Evaluations With a 360-Approach
Include manager, self, peers, and any direct reports in 360 evaluations. This gives a holistic, unbiased picture of feedback, filling in gaps an employee or manager can’t provide.

The Problem: Ambiguous Feedback Meetings
In traditional review discussions, feedback felt top-secret, where managers held all the cards and employees didn’t know what to expect.

The Fix: Transparent Conversations
Set an agenda prior to a feedback discussion. Transparency lessens the stress for the employee and allows for a more productive conversation.

For more easy fixes and a list of 143 feedback questions to apply to your feedback process, download the resource here.


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