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5 Critical Steps to Fearless Confrontation

5 Critical Steps to Fearless Confrontation
This week’s Friday Resource comes from Forbes and details the necessary steps women can take for a fearless (and effective) confrontation.

Having a confrontation conversation is rarely easy for anyone and can be particularly challenging for women. Others' expectations and perceptions of gender can add another layer of difficulty when the need arises to face a person or situation head-on.

One essential element of a successful confrontation is acknowledging what we’re afraid of and why—perhaps we’re afraid things will go poorly the way they did in the past when we attempted a confrontation, or perhaps we’re afraid of the intensity of our own emotions.

Per Kathy Caprino, Forbes contributor, here are some critical steps we can take to overcome reluctance related to confrontation.

1. Mentally prepare. “Carefully evaluate what you’re thinking and feeling, and identify the real issue that you need to address. Tease out all the tangential factors, emotions and issues that aren’t relevant or essential to the discussion. Then assess how best to approach this specific person (each person has a unique set of preferences, values, mindsets and worldview) and prepare what you’ll say in detail.”

2. Set the stage. “Remember, confrontation doesn’t have to mean a ‘fight.’ First, seek a safe environment for the confrontation. Don’t just blurt out in a public meeting, for instance, ‘We have to talk about this NOW!’ Privately, ask permission to discuss the situation, and schedule a time that’s mutually convenient. Here’s an example: ‘Nancy, I would like to have the opportunity to discuss with you an issue that’s been on my mind about how we communicate with each other. Would you be open to that? When might be a good time to talk?’”

Read more and the other three steps here.


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