5 Incredibly Easy Ways to Spread Kindness, Every Day


This week's Fierce Resource was originally published on Huffingtonpost.com and was written by Catherine Pearson.

5 Incredibly Easy Ways to Spread Kindness, Every Day highlights simple ways to not only show kindness to others, but to show kindness to yourself. Sometimes forgiving someone for how they talked to you or apologizing for not being the best friend, colleague, or partner can be the one thing that makes your entire day better and strengthens the relationships that surround you.

How will you spread kindness throughout your week? Month? Year?

"Fortunately, research has shown that smaller acts can have serious payoffs as well, both on the giving and receiving end. Everyday kindness has been linked to everything from improved happiness to decreased inflammation in the body, as David Hamilton, author of Why Kindness Is Good For You has explained."

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