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5 Work Stresses You Can Alleviate with Tech

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published on Harvard Business Review and outlines five ways to tackle the most common work-related stressors.

If you are like me, your phone is constantly buzzing throughout the day with urgent e-mails, meeting invites, social updates, and event reminders. The list could go on forever. We are stuck in a state of constant fear - the fear of missing out.

But your phone doesn’t have to be a constant purveyor of stress, it can help you rein in all the online distractions and save your mental health. 5 Work Stresses You Can Alleviate with Tech offers ways to reduce your tech-induced workplace stress.

Are you a slave to your phone?

“Whether it’s a constant stream of colleagues knocking on your door with a quick question, or your own tendency to fall into a Buzzfeed quiz hole when you should be working on a PowerPoint deck, distraction is a major contributor to workplace stress. Rein in online distractions with tools like RescueTime (which tracks how you spend your time online), Focus (which blocks distracting websites) or Freedom (which can keep you offline altogether).”

Read the article.


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