6 Defining Moments from Nelson Mandela's Life

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It's with a heavy heart that we share this week's Fierce Resource, which was first published yesterday on the Daily Beast and was written by Nina Strochlic.

Six Defining Moments from Nelson Mandela's Life remembers this amazing leader who passed away yesterday, December 5th, 2013, at 95 years of age. In the piece, Ms. Strochlic shares 6 amazing videos of Mandela, from his first on-air interview just months before his capture and subsequent 27 year imprisonment to his February 10th, 2010, 20th anniversary release celebration.

"Let the strivings of us all prove Martin Luther King Jr. to have been correct, when he said that humanity can no longer be tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war. Let the efforts of us all prove that he was not a mere dreamer when he spoke of the beauty of genuine brotherhood and peace being more precious than diamonds or silver or gold. Let a new age dawn."

To see all the videos and read the full article, click here.

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