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6 Rules for Building and Scaling Company Culture

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This week’s Friday Resource was originally published by Harvard Business Review  and provides six rules for building and scaling company culture.

A rich company culture is one of the most sought after qualities in today’s workforce. It attracts and retains the top talent across all industries and is the driving force behind the work of a company.

“Great performance can never come without great people and culture, and the opposite is also true – great people and culture are affiliated most with high-performing organizations.”

Although organizations understand the value of company culture, not all of them are getting it right. It needs to start with mission of the company. Do your employees identify with it? Are their personal goals in close alignment with the company’s?

Once the purpose or “inspiration” is defined, a few tips for building and scaling the culture according to Anthony Tjan, CEO and Founder of the venture capital firm Cue Ball, are:

    1. Lead by example. Leaders must continually embody the company’s morals and ethics. This is not exclusive to the top of the organizational charts. Everyone that shows up to work reflects and is the company culture.

    1. Embrace your frontline cultural ambassadors. Every company has people that truly live the “brand” and exemplify the core values central to their culture. It can be at any level of the organization from the top down. Seek these people out and thank them, they are the pulse of your culture and continue to evolve it every day through their actions and conversations.

Remember that you are the company culture. Everyone is responsible for what they bring (or don’t bring) to the table every time they show up for work. Make it meaningful and become inspired by those around you and the work you create together.

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