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6 Steps for Building a Company Culture of Accountability

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published by Inc 500 and details six steps that can lead to a company culture of accountability.

In his article, Gleeson defines six steps, some of which may seem obvious but are often overlooked at organizations. Things like getting feedback, creating ownership, and consistency.

Leaders within organizations continually identify empowering their employees as a critical piece to organizational success, and employees constantly seek to be empowered within their roles. So why is the issue of workplace accountability so pervasive?

In short: Accountability can be a difficult thing to track. As companies grow and teams are spread out over state lines or even countries, this task becomes even more problematic. Accountability is often defined by a job description and whether an employee is meeting or exceeding the standards set forth in it. This is all wrong.

Accountability needs to come from the top down and resonate throughout an entire organization. Accountability is an attitude – a personal, private, non-negotiable choice – about how to live your life. Successful companies improve their bottom line by creating a culture of accountability and fostering an environment that holds employees accountable for the company’s goals, not individual ones. Unless a culture of accountability is nurtured from the onset, organizations likely fall into the trap of muddled expectations and BAM! Things start to fall through the cracks and fingers get pointed. To avoid this, continue building a culture that welcomes responsibility, and delivers on agreed-upon results, despite obstacles and without excuses.

“To be successful, building and protecting the right culture isn't an option, it’s an absolute necessity.”

Read the article. 

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