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7 Habits of People Who Have Achieved Work-Life Balance

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published by Fast Company and shares seven habits of people who have achieved work-life balance.

Achieving work-life balance in a world in which we are constantly connected through technology can seem more like a fairytale than a reality. According to the American Sociological Review, 70% of American workers struggle with finding enough time to devote to their lives outside of work. Although most Americans have not found the correct balance, there are some tools that can help.

Harvey Deutschendorf, Fast Company Contributor, shares tools utilized by the 30% that have achieved this elusive balance. A few include:

1. Making deliberate choices about what they want in life. Instead of rolling with the punches and letting life unfurl, people who have achieved work-life balance make deliberate choices about what they want from life and how they want to spend their time. Once these parameters are set they commit to the path they have chosen for them and the people in their lives.

2. Setting aside time for family, friends and important interests. People who have achieved work-life balance are intentional about how they spend their time and actively book time off to spend outside of work with family and friends. Sitting back and waiting to see what time is left over after work obligations will not produce a healthy balance.

3. Setting their own parameters around success. For many people, being successful does not need to be tied to a monetary value and can come in the form of being a successful parent, partner or friend. People who have achieved work-life balance have strong self-awareness of their values and what is important to them.

Read the other four tools to help achieve work-life balance and the entire article here.



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