7 Things You Can Do on Friday to Make Monday Awesome

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This week’s Fierce Resource comes from Inc.com and was written by Kevin Daum.

7 Things You Can Do on Friday to Make Monday Awesome addresses the end of the week workplace lull most commonly seen on Friday, say around 1 pm. While the thought of the weekend starting early is welcoming, think about how much better your Monday will be with a little extra preparation time on Friday. Instead of taking off early, decide what action item you will take to make Monday more gratifying for you. Determine the “thing” that motivates you most about work. Schedule that first thing on Monday morning and see the difference it makes in your entire week. What motivates you?

“You don't get a lot of help from your colleagues because the afternoon Friday lull is a commonly shared experience. Everyone's already thinking about the weekend and ready to go home, so productivity drops. But instead of giving in to the impulse to window gaze and daydream, you can use the opportunity to get next week off to an awesome start.”

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