8 Nations Leading the Way in Online Education

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This week’s featured piece first appeared on the OnlineUniversities.com website. We found this blog compelling because Fierce is passionate about being on the forefront of online training. We recognize that many companies are transitioning to a more virtual world and the need for thoughtful, authentic communication is greater than ever.

Last year, we launched our O2 Fierce Conversations workshop. It is a virtual instructor-led training that is hosted in a virtual classroom. This delivery allows global organizations to broaden their learning audience with greater ease.

8 Nations Leading the Way in Online Education, focuses on the top countries leveraging online technology to educate a growing audience.

“Online education is quickly becoming a major phenomenon around the world. The ease and convenience it offers learners appeal to people just about everywhere, especially those who are trying to balance work, family, and other obligations with completing a degree or certification program.”

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