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9 Habits That Destroy Workplace Relationships

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published by Entrepreneur and shares nine habits that can destroy workplace relationships and how to avoid these slip-ups.

It is well known that if you work a full-time job, chances are you’re spending more time with your “work family” than your immediate family. Due to the sheer amount of time spent with your colleagues, it is important to the individual employees and the business to have amicable relationships.

There are countless reasons for forging strong bonds with coworkers. It boosts office morale, increases productivity, and most importantly – builds trust. If the reasons for creating these bonds at work are clear, what can get in the way of them?

Per John Rampton, Entrepreneur, some nasty habits that can lead to strained relationships include:

1. Gossiping – Although the watercooler chat can be tempting sometimes, it’s best to avoid topics that include other colleagues. Gossip can sink the most buoyant of ships because it pits colleague against colleague and forces people to choose a side. Any trust built disintegrates quickly with gossip and turns the healthiest of environments toxic.

2. Unreliability – This is one that many people have experienced and can strike a nerve quickly. Whether it is a colleague that shows up late to work consistently, or frequently delivers projects late, it can be frustrating. At Fierce, we try to show up as our real, authentic selves, every day. Building trust means that colleagues can depend on you every day, not just sometimes.

3. Stealing credit – Nothing can be worse than working tirelessly on a project just to have someone else take all the credit. It is disheartening and can severely damage employee morale and production.

Read Rampton’s other six habits to avoid here.


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