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9 Ways to Keep Employees Motivated During the Dog Days of Summer

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This week’s Friday Resource was originally published by and provides nine ways to keep your team engaged and motivated during those long, hot summer days.

In the article, Schiff provides tips and tricks from HR experts on ways to take advantage of beautiful summer days and re-energize your team at the same time.

Some of the tips require little to no organization and can be fun, spontaneous outings like conducting your sales meeting outside. As long as you do not need a projector, technology allows us to work outside seamlessly. If the office is getting stuffy and employees are butting heads, hold a friendly team-building competition. There is no better way to get some work angst out than a lively game of ping-pong or an office soccer game on the pitch. Another common approach is allowing employees to have flex schedules on Fridays – as long as deadlines are met, allow your team to leave at 3:00PM and start their weekend on a high note.

Living and working in the Pacific Northwest, Fierce tries to take advantage of the nice weather when we get it throughout the summer months – to kick-off our 2016 summer, Fierce took a field-trip to a high ropes course that challenged us physically and mentally.

Whatever approach you take, it is important to take advantage of the nice weather and mix things up, your employees will thank you for it, and their work will reflect their gratitude.

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