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A Fierce Chat with Salesforce: Tips for Engaging with Prospects in the Age of Over-Connectivity

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In the very fast-paced and competitive world of sales and marketing, it can be tricky to find solid footing. It can be even trickier to make sure you stand out from your competitors.


Which brings us to our main point: You need to find new ways to connect with prospects and customers. Don’t stress about it, just pick up the phone to connect! That’s the great advice of Stacey Engle, Vice President of Marketing for Fierce, who recently explained why talking can prove to be better than texting.

Tell me about your business and the solutions it offers customers?

Fierce is a global leadership training company that transforms the way companies communicate and connect with their employees and customers. We partner with our clients to build conversational skills that create more candor, engagement, and accountability. Our vision is to better the world one conversation at a time. Fierce Conversations change the way we connect with each other, they alter our perceptions of what it means to lead, and they become the behavior that propels individuals and teams toward success. We facilitate workshops inside of companies both in person and virtually, as well as train facilitators to use our content. We are translated into 12 different languages and work globally in organizations, from Fortune 50 to start-ups to nonprofits.

What are some challenges you are facing at this time and what are you doing to overcome those hurdles?

One challenge that we are focusing on is a better way to connect with all of our Fierce Facilitators around the world. They are our champions inside of organizations, and we value each and every one of them. Next year, we are continuing to develop our Salesforce Community portal called MyFierce.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received and why?

Always be truthful. I think this is the best advice, because it relates to all facets of life and business. First and foremost, it is important to be truthful with yourself. Asking “what am I pretending not to know? Why am I assuming this about x or y or he or she?” Always seeking that truth. Only when you are grounded in your truth can you really help move the needles for others. And secondly, it is relevant to be truthful with business and marketing. It sounds so simple, yet so many people find the reasons why they shouldn’t or don’t have to. Share your realities, share what you are learning, share your truth. Don’t lie and pretend to know something you don’t. Don’t compromise what others can handle. It is a surefire way to erode success — both internally and externally.

What’s the worst business advice you’ve received and why?

When I was young in my career, I stayed with a company for four years. At about year two I was told, “You need to bounce around and experience new things. It is a mistake to stay — you will stagnate.” I think that is very short-sighted. In today’s fast-paced, always-changing world, it can be tempting to move from one problem to another, or one company to another, but it is so valuable to get a deeper understanding and perspective that sometimes only comes with time. I think that is relevant for so many marketing challenges, especially when looking at business impact. You have to be interested in short and long-term results. If you’re dedicated, you want to learn more.

What are three tips for companies that are looking to connect with their prospects?

    1. Be authentic. Our work is all about being real and showing up as yourself. Use your real face. It is important to be with integrity with what you do and sell. People on the other end of the conversation — in person, behind the screen, or on the phone — will be able to tel
    1. Do your thing. It can be tempting to always try new things — it is required for sales and marketing teams. And yet, it is important to continue to do what you know uniquely works for your company. That thing that only you can do. Our Fierce customers still appreciate how our relationships started with personal notes and invitations. It is powerful to build relationships like that.
    1. Pick up the phone. Being a conversations company, I am a big proponent of picking up the phone. People crave connection in the workplace these days, and according to recent research, more people text than call now. Be different. Pick up the phone — it works.

What’s the story behind your company name?

Fierce, Inc. was founded after Susan Scott published Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work & in Life One Conversation at a Time. When she originally wrote the book, the publisher wanted her to change the word from “Fierce” to “Powerful.” However, she refused. Fierce, with its name, was meant to make a splash and a statement.

What is your company’s superpower and why?

Superhuman strength. Having fierce conversations is not easy. It takes a lot of courage and strength to express how you feel and say what you mean. Superhuman strength allows you to do the things you think you can’t. Great conversations unlock that power.


by Erin Sherbert, Content Marketing Manager, Salesforce

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