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A Fierce Love of Tradeshows

Excited Shopping Woman

When my husband and I were engaged, we circumvented a lot of the traditional rituals that are common practices during that period. No grand proposal, no engagement photos or parties. However, one newer ritual that I decided we must participate in was the bridal expo.

At the time, we lived in Los Angeles but were getting married in Seattle. So even though I wouldn’t be able to use any of the vendors at the local L.A. bridal expo, I dragged my fiancé to the all-day bride extravaganza because, honestly, I love conferences and expos! What’s not to love? Where else can you see grown women volunteer to dive into a six foot butter cream cake for the chance to find a diamond ring?

What really draws me to tradeshows is the communal feeling they provide; a large group of people sharing a variety of different ideas around a concentrated subject.  They serve as a modern marketplace, where people can give and take ideas, provide services and be a platform for creativity.

Also, if I’m being honest, I love swag! Food, shirts, hats, books - free stuff is the bread and butter of the expo experience. It’s such an awesome way to show some ingenuity on behalf of your company. I think about the giveaways that grab my attention at tradeshows and they all manage to answer the- who, what, where, when, why questions about an organization while still being fun.

Over the next five weeks, Fierce is presenting and exhibiting at Linkage’s Organizational Development Summit and American Society of Training and Development’s International Conference and Expo. In honor of that, we thought we would ask some questions: "What is your favorite type of free giveaway at tradeshows?" and "Do you spend time beforehand scheduling what you’ll do at the conferences?"


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