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Help, I need somebody
Help, not just anybody
Help, you know I need someone, help”
– Beatles

Last week I got stuck. I was trying to put together a budget using numbers from a previous form and realized I had no way to validate that the figures were still accurate. After hours of trying to track down the numbers myself, I finally gave in and asked a peer. They produced the current figures in 10 minutes.

If I had asked for help right when I realized there was a gap in my knowledge, the problem would have been solved much more quickly. So why did I hesitate to ask for help?  Some of my excuses sounded a lot like this; “I do not have enough time to slow down.”: “I have a very tight deadline.”: “I do not want to appear like I do not know what I am doing.”

The truth is, there are many benefits to how “asking for help” helps you:

1. It helps you acknowledges that people around you add value.

2. A different perspective can help you look at a situation differently.

3. It can help enhance what you are producing for your customers.

Remember, in addition to moving a project along more quickly, people tend to have higher respect for those that admit when they need assistance. Fierce Inc. has developed a tool that outlines how to have conversations that ‘ask for help’ within your team or cross-functionally.

If you have more questions, here is a great outline of “When” and “How”:

When to ask for help (from the Brazen Careerist Blog)

    • You are unclear on project details


    • You have questions about priorities or deadlines


    • If figuring it out yourself will take way too much time


    • If you really do not know what you are doing

How to ask for help (from the Fear No Project Blog)

    • Explain challenges or roadblocks in simple terms


    • Focus on the short and long term implications of the issue


    • Develop at least two optional approaches to try


    • Share the outcomes (what works and what does not)


    • As Mahatma Gandhi once said: “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.”

Who will you ask for help this week?


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This blog was syndicated from Fierce client, Darla Balzer, Specialist and Program Manager, Assessing Performance and Fierce Conversation from the Starbucks Coffee Company's internal blog.

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