A Key Idea to Adaptive Leadership

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Let's be honest, even though change happens year by year, week by week, and day by day - there is no rule book on how one should react. Sometimes before you even know what's shifted the dust has settled and you find yourself in an entirely different place: a “new normal”.

How do you continuously adapt as a leader in a world such as this?

You become a ninja.

Leaders who master ninja level status can do back flips, front flips and side bends.

They are agile and quick on their feet.

They fall down.

They get back up.

How do leaders graduate to ninja status?

They don’t waste their time and energy trying to figure how to stop the ground from moving.

Effective leaders know the key idea in becoming a ninja is to learn skills so you can adapt to your surroundings, rather than wait for  your surroundings to adapt to you.

As a leader are you at ninja status?

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