A Simple Rule to Eliminate Useless Meetings

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This week's Fierce Resource was first written by LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner, and was published on his LinkedIn Influencer page. A Simple Rule to Eliminate Useless Meetings, provides insight on how to take your organizations meetings from a presentation to a discussion.

Similar to what we explore in our Fierce Team Model, Jeff explores how when you use meetings as a time to look at multiple competing realities, ask the group for specific feedback, and speak to deliverable/next steps there is a much higher satisfaction level with how the time was spent.

"Ask your team to identify their biggest productivity killer and inevitably two issues will rise to the top of the list: managing their inboxes and their meeting schedules...At LinkedIn, we have essentially eliminated the presentation...With the presentation eliminated, the meeting can now be exclusively focused on generating a valuable discourse: Providing shared context, diving deeper on particularly cogent data and insights, and perhaps most importantly, having a meaningful debate."

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