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Advice to Young Women

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We’re a women-owned business. And proud of it. As part of our work, we focus on developing, training, and investing in young women and girls around the world through corporations, non-profits, and education systems.

When we look at issues for young women today, bullying comes to the top of the list. We are not neutral about how to solve for this. We believe that children and young adults need to learn the skills to navigate their lives – with advocates and adversaries to their success.

So what does our staff want to share with young women today?

Fellow Fierceling, Ashley Wolf, has interviewed some of our staff about advice they have for young women, and two major themes arose.

Speak Your Truth. At Fierce, speaking your truth is about being authentic. With media and many other influences pushing against them, it is especially important for young women today to learn to be comfortable in their own skin. This starts with important conversations with yourself.

We aren’t just talking any conversations – you need to make them fierce. In fact, the definition of a Fierce Conversation is one in which you come out from behind yourself into the conversation and make it real. Whenever you notice yourself being less real, take a moment and ask yourself why. When you recognize why you do certain things, it is easier to make changes.


Empower Change. If it is to be, it is up to me is a core concept in our Fierce Accountability work. It is about taking a responsible approach to make needed changes. When it comes to bullying or other issues, it can feel extremely dangerous to do anything about it. And yet, change requires your actions.

Don’t make excuses or point fingers to create change. You are capable of making the changes needed – whether it is acting differently yourself or having a critical conversation.

Start by giving your child room to discover their own voice. The next time your child comes to you with a problem, don’t jump to solving it for them. Encourage them to explore all aspects of the issue and let them come up with their own course of action. Then help them put their plan into motion.


What advice do you have for young women?


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