All Successful Leaders Need This Quality: Self-Awareness

Fierce Ideas (green lightbulb)

This week’s Fierce resource was originally published by Forbes and discusses the quality all successful leaders should possess – self-awareness.

According to a study conducted by Green Peak Partners, one of the most important and also undervalued leadership qualities is self-awareness. This has long been regarded as a “soft” skill, however leaders that have developed strong soft skills are performing much better than their peers.

This is such a sought after quality amongst leaders because those who continually make time for self-reflection are able to diagnose areas of personal weakness and surround themselves with employees who excel where they lack.

Although self-reflection is not discussed as much as communication, charisma and other hard leadership skills, it is just as important.

 “The most effective executives I knew had, I believe, realistic assessments of their own abilities – their strengths and weaknesses, their effect on others, the gaps that needed to be filled.”

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