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An Event for All Fierce Fans: 3 Reasons to Attend

An Event for All Fierce Fans: Fierce Summit 2017
The Fierce community has spoken, and the resounding advice to us was: bring us together! Tell us what you are thinking. Take a stand on how our organizations and world can become more fierce together.

Given that, we are very excited to announce the launch of the Fierce Summit, a learning event for the fierce community and fans. It will be in Seattle, WA on September 13th and 14th. If you are a Fierce facilitator, please join us September 12th for a special day to take your facilitation to the next level.

It is an investment of time and money, and it will be worth it. Here are three reasons to attend:

1. Network with a worldwide Fierce Community.

The Fierce Summit is a rare opportunity to network with new and long-time Fierce community members from around the globe. You will make connections that will last beyond the event.

2. Learn how you can build a better organization, one conversation at a time.

Speakers will share thought-provoking insights on topics relevant to organizations today including performance management, inclusion, and navigating change. You will walk away with tangible takeaways to apply immediately to your leadership.

3. Gain insights about learning innovations to bring to your organization.

Fierce is focused on strengthening learning through innovative technology solutions and dedicated partners. You will learn about resources that can bring new and improved methods of learning to your organization.

Hope to see you in September!

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