Are We Too Politically Correct?

politically-correct Are We Too Politically Correct? - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

Politically Correct. What does that mean exactly? Are we trying so hard to be politically correct that we have removed the meat from the bun? “Where’s the beef?”

There are companies that I have seen, have experienced, that make me wonder how they ever get things done. How can you hold meeting after meeting trying to reach, politically correct consensus, and still get the job done? Is the outcome really the best decision? I ask you, if you have ever participated in a consensus decision, were you really happy in the end? Or did you give up a bit (or a lot) of what you really wanted, to compromise with the others - just to finally see a decision being made? When did we become so concerned with dissenting opinions and so focused on making everyone happy?

We use rounded corners here at Fierce. It’s part of our brand. And I worry it may become an analogy for people who round the corners of Fierce Conversations, who want to make the word Fierce, less than that. Companies, who in their desire for political correctness, want to take away our edge…or did we invite that?


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