Are You a Feedback Genius? Test it!

Are You a Feedback Genius? Test it.

A Feedback Genius: Someone who is strong in both giving and receiving feedback. This person gives feedback frequently and chances are that has made them pretty good at it. This person welcomes feedback and receives it with interest and gratitude (most of the time).

Would you consider yourself a feedback genius?

Feedback is something that everyone craves, yet many people do not give enough of it. When we talk about Fierce Feedback, we define it as a conversation in which we have the opportunity to see what we may not see. And in order for people to feel engaged, they need to be learning about their discipline, their role, and most importantly, about themselves.

According to a 2013 Zinger Folkman study of 22,719 leaders, leaders who ranked at the bottom 10% in their ability to give honest feedback to direct reports received engagement scores from their subordinates that averaged 25 percent. In contrast, those in the top 10% for giving honest feedback had subordinates who ranked at the 77th percentile in engagement.

That’s a big deal for an individual leader…and an organization. So it is time for you to get some feedback on your own feedback skills. Use this survey to gauge your individual perspective on how you feel about giving and receiving both positive and constructive feedback, and you can also facilitate it with a team, if you wish.

What did you score? Are you a feedback wanna-be?

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