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How often do you ask for help from others within your organization?

I’m talking about asking for help when you are truly stuck. When there is an issue or idea that has you scratching your head – when you are puzzled on how to move forward.

So often we keep things to ourselves, determined to muddy through our own context and experience, as if we can find something that never existed before.

What’s the cost of this to your organization, and even bigger than that, to your life?

We may not possess the tools, the context, and the experience that sheds light on the best path.

Who might?

Those we’ve chosen to surround ourselves with.

This is a common problem for leaders who, because of their title, feel a burden to shoulder the issues of their department or organization alone.

However, asking for help from others can save time, energy, and most importantly create a solution or step forward that represents the company as whole.

At Fierce, we call these types of conversations, Team Conversations.

The premise is simple. When a problem arises that you can’t solve, think about who could offer a unique perspective or insight as a means to spark creative solutions. Even further, if you do have a possible solution that you don’t feel confident with, the team can act as a sounding board.

Asking for help can be scary if you carry the belief that you have to have all the answers. However, what if you are the leader that knows when to bring others in?  What if you are the person who can make decisions that encompass many competing desires?

The benefits range from a more engaged workforce, collaborative teams, and more time on your hands for other issues.

Is there an issue, decision, or idea you own right now that you should ask for help?


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