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Why is it so hard to be present?

Just after I tweeted that I was going to really work on being present, I realized that I sent that tweet while I was simultaneously “listening to my husband” talk about weekend plans…so not a good start!

This has been one of my biggest challenges for a long time. As a consummate multi-tasker, if I’m not doing at least two things at once I’m probably asleep.

It’s a challenging week filled with crazy deadlines, commitments, and travel. And I haven’t let myself off the hook; I’ve been carrying around a copy of the challenge, repeating “Be Present” like a mantra.

I’m still multi-tasking like crazy, and I think that’s fine as long as I remember that people aren’t tasks.

For me that means I’ll put away my phone and turn away from my keyboard when talking with someone. I’ll ask to reschedule a drop-in conversation if I know I can’t be totally present because of a pressing deadline. And most importantly, I’ll apologize if I catch my mind wandering.

I’ll need to continue to focus on this challenge for more than one week and I appreciate this new level of awareness that I hope will eventually lead to lasting change.

So all in all…pretty good.

How did you do this week? We want to know!

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