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Master Facilitator

Beth brings more than 20 years of experience helping individuals maximize their leadership potential and propel organizational effectiveness.

Prior to joining Fierce, Beth worked as an OD and Learning Consultant for Delhaize Group, a global Fortune 500 company,  where she provided strategic and tactical guidance to leaders in support of organization-wide change and training initiatives. 

When Beth isn't engaging others in the pursuit of personal and professional development, she spends her time as a musician and exploring the beautiful outdoors from her home in New Hampshire.


3 Ways to Boost Accountability in a Remote-Work World

  When I was growing up, there was a common saying in our house (at least among the kids) “Who-dee did it!”  Now, don’t ask me where the nam...
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3 Powerful Ways to Be More Efficient When Working From Home

Have you ever watched a toddler try to run after something she wants? Her little legs typically can’t keep up with her desire to “get there already.” ...
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3 Easy Steps to Overcome Your Fear of Feedback

  Have you ever had one of those negative “suddenly” moments in your career? A time when you thought you were headed toward one result and instea...
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Why Making Time for Silence at Work Will Make You More Productive

The problem – All that noise. I grew up one of four children, all of whom were born on the same day at approximately the same time. I am a quadruplet....
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Top 3 Best Practices for Successful Virtual Training

I have a confession to make: I am a remote employee. I work 3,000 miles and 3 time zones away from my company’s home office in Washington.  Let’s...
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How to Make Learning Stick & Get the Most Out of Your Leadership Training

If you are a leadership trainer — or a leader committed to your team’s development — you have probably asked yourself this same question at least a fe...
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3 Reasons Tough Love is Better Than a Culture of Nice

I do a LOT of listening in my job. Every day I have the pleasure of interacting with leaders from all around the globe. What has piqued my curiosity, ...
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3 Ways to Unlock the True Value of Feedback

  Giving quality feedback can cause intense anxiety and receiving feedback gracefully is one of the hardest things to do. We want to be liked, af...
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3 Fierce Strategies to "Fix" Accountability

I want to go back to a quote included in another of our Accountability blogs: "Our careers, our companies, our personal relationships, our very lives,...
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