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Happy 18th Birthday, Fierce

Recently my daughter, Jennifer, who helped me start Fierce in my home 18 years ago said, “I loved baby fierce. Remember when we sat in the family room...
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Susan's 2017 Year-End Message

This morning I was thinking about what I wanted to share with you that would be the most helpful in this New Year. I probably wrote several thousand w...
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2015 Year End: Life is curly

It’s snowing at Goat Leap, my tree house on Orcas Island. That’s where I am now, as I write to you. My dogs Dobby, Tallulah, and Hamish – two labradoo...
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Advice to Young Girls

While thinking about this blog, I turned to the best source for advice to young girls – other young girls who are happy and thriving - so I asked my g...
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Declaring War on the Wrong Thing

I offer the following true story as an opportunity to practice squid eye. If you’ve read Fierce Leadership, you know all about squid eye – the ab...
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Employee Engagement: Just Do It

Employee engagement and inclusion isn't a cognitive issue. It's an emotional issue. The problem isn't out there. It's in here. We want employees to be...
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Legislated Optimism: A Worst “Best” Practice

Legislated optimism is the purview of the one-way leader. When optimism is legislated, meetings produce more nothing than something. Ideas die without...
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The Practice of Courage

A martial arts sensei said, “You are always practicing something.  The question is – What are you practicing?”  Darn good question. Whether ...
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Any Conversation Can: My Fierce Journey

I enjoy all things “Hobbit” and Middle Earth, even Smaug’s hoarding of the Arkenstone and Gollum’s devastation at losing the ring. The story is about ...
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Human Connectivity Defined

Years ago in a Fierce newsletter I wrote: “If you want to become a great leader, gain the capacity to connect with colleagues and customers - at a dee...
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2014 Year End: Kaleidoscopes. Magical. Fireworks In a Tube.

Do you remember the first time you looked into a kaleidoscope as a child? What a pretty picture. And then you turned it and the magic happened, one pi...
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A Wish for You

As I consider 2012, and also the many conversations with the Fierce team, our clients, friends and family, and importantly with myself, here are a few...
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