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Build a High Performing Team in 30 Minutes

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This week's Fierce Resource comes from and was written by Kristi Hedges.

As strategy planning sessions are on the horizon for 2015, here are some tips to Build a High Performing Team in 30 Minutes. When is the last time you brought your team together to evaluate what processes are working or not? If you can't remember the last time you had open conversations about how your team is functioning, you may be in the dark on what is positively or negatively impacting your team.

What is the most important conversation you will have with your team in the next month? How often do you check in with the whole team to measure satisfaction?

"Changing team behavior, once ingrained, is no small feat. A lot of social nuance goes into creating the culture of any group, and once it’s established, can be hard to affect. Cultures rest on spoken and unspoken norms. Think of team culture like a web. You can take out one piece of it, and it will re-form to its overall shape."

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