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This was my first year organizing the Fierce exhibitor booth at the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) International Conference and Exposition with the team. I have attended trade shows before, but have never participated as an exhibitor. I must say, I had a wonderful experience!

I learned how to set-up the booth, what supplies to keep on hand, where to store things, and of course what things could go wrong (because something always will) – how to control the chaos. However, my favorite part of this experience was the conversations that I had with my colleagues and those who visited our booth.

"The conversation is the relationship."

This didn't ring more true than during my experience at ASTD. I had many conversations with my colleagues regarding their past experiences. What they have learned and how I can avoid making the same mistakes, or what we can do better in the future. For me, these were great conversations to have because we were able to learn from each other and grow as a team.

I also had many great conversations with those who visited our booth. I loved that I got the opportunity to really connect with people and that I was able to learn about their time at ASTD and in Florida. It was important, to me and to Fierce, that we took the opportunity to engage with the other ASTD attendees in conversation and not transactional dialogue.

What was so exciting, was that this connection easily led us to have conversations that uncovered the problems plaguing their organizations and how Fierce can solve those issues. I was grateful for the chance to strengthen my relationship with the other ASTD attendees and strengthen their relationship with Fierce.

So, what conversations are you having with your colleagues and customers to help strengthen and grow your relationships?

Here’s to continuing the conversations and building the relationships!


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