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Business Meetings – The Case for Face-to-Face

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published by Forbes Insights and discusses the importance of face-to-face interactions as opposed to virtual meetings.

As businesses continue to heal from the economic downturn, travel budgets continue to have slow growth within organizations. Currently businesses rely heavily on technology for internal communication, which has replaced interactions that were once had in-person. Although virtual meetings and conferences cut down on costs initially, are they actually costing companies more in the end?

Common answers for a preference towards technology-enabled meetings include saving time, money, and increasing flexibility in location and timing. These are all very practical answers. Saving money and time is crucial to any business – but what are these virtual meetings missing?

The answer: The human element.

After surveying over 750 business executives, the data shows that face-to-face meetings build stronger, more meaningful business relationships, an enhanced ability to read crucial body language, and increases the ability for complex strategic thinking. In the end, while technology cuts down on costs and can simplify many elements of our jobs, it cannot replace the intangible team building elements that arise from face-to-face interactions. Finding a balance between the two of these is critical for the continued growth of any business.

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