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Learn how to have conversations that get results

3 Steps to Embrace Being Confronted

It’s never fun or easy being confronted. For many, our instinct is to deny, defend, or deflect what is being put before us. At Fierce, we believe conf...
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3 Tips for Deeper Conversations in Your Team Meetings

If you’re a connected leader, chances are you meet with your team weekly or bi-weekly to touch base and talk shop. While the details of the meeting wi...
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I Am Done Talking

I am done talking. No really…I can’t do it anymore. Funny position to take, given what I do for a living. But, I am done. I started a conversation jus...
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Leadership Tips: Welcome the Chance to Unearth a “Mokita”

“Mokita”- that which everyone knows and no one speaks of. The term “mokita” derives from The Papuans of New Guinea. In western culture, we commonly re...
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Leadership Tips: Speak to the Unspoken

Part of having conversations that go deep is the ability to identify when, in a conversation, there is something that is being unsaid. This is about o...
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