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2019 Fierce Year-End Message: Why Learning is More Relevant than Ever

Woah, what a year! That’s my initial reaction reflecting on 2019. What a year — in all its blessings and lessons. Based on the thousands of hours of c...
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2018 Year End Message: Embrace Changes You Most Need

It is a rainy day here in Seattle, and I am next to my fireplace with a warm cup of coffee grateful to be sitting in the precious space between a year...
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The 1 Tool You Need to Thrive While Social Distancing

I am on day 74 of working from home since COVID-19 landed here in Seattle – not that I am counting. I am an extrovert who always wants to be around pe...
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Why Feedback is the Missing Ingredient in Leadership Training

As someone with more than 20 years’ experience teaching leaders how to have effective conversations, I strongly believe that feedback is extremely imp...
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Top 10 Fierce Conversations Blogs of 2019

Over the past 12 months, our Fierce Conversations blog has offered a vast array of leadership development tips and tricks (and the occasional hard tru...
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Susan Scott Contributes to the Conversation at TEDxOverlake

If you’re not familiar with TED or TEDx talks, dive in. A non-profit organization “devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading”,  brings together thought le...
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A Call for Fierce Conversations

Monday night was the first night of the Presidential debates. After it ended, people called and texted me asking: Who do you think won? I always find ...
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2019 Workplace Predictions: Organizations Eager to Tackle Challenges Brought on by Changing Workforce Landscape

There's no doubt that the makeup of organizations is shifting as baby boomers retire and millennials and Gen Z increasingly take over the majority of ...
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Come Out From Behind Yourself, Into the Conversation and Make It Real

Fierce is not a neutral word. It can evoke a strong emotion, especially when you ask people to make their conversations fierce. We define a Fierce Con...
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Interrogate Reality

The second week’s challenge in our Fierce 6 Challenge is to interrogate reality. The purpose is to test your assumptions and really seek oth...
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A Podcast with Susan Scott: Fierce Leadership, Radical Transparency, & Deeper Human Connectivity

Halelly Azulay is an author and leadership development strategist, and she recently hosted Susan on her TalentGrow podcast. In this session, Susan Sco...
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Advice to Young Girls

While thinking about this blog, I turned to the best source for advice to young girls – other young girls who are happy and thriving - so I asked my g...
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Have a Fierce Conversation

We all want to have meaningful and real conversations in our lives – both inside and outside of work. In the workplace, Gallup has found that consiste...
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