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Celebrate Fierce’s 15th Anniversary with Us Today

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Fifteen years ago today, Fierce, Inc. was born. It has been an amazing journey. As Susan Scott, Fierce founder & CEO wrote, “Life is curly, don’t try to straighten it out.” Trust me, we enjoy each twist, twirl, and turn.

I have been with Fierce for almost seven years. I have witnessed how the work changes lives. And I am so grateful that it has changed mine. It has opened my mind and heart to navigate through life more thoughtfully. More courageously. Fierce has given me the skill to lean in and have the conversations that are central to happiness, success, and much more.

So on this beautiful celebration, I want to take the time to thank the people who have been central to Fierce’s success. We would not be here without you.

Thank you to our amazing Fiercelings. Our current employees who are dedicated to making our work possible. You are cherished, and Fierce couldn’t be where it is today without you. To our former employees, you will always be cherished by us. We appreciate your legacies.

Thank you to our brilliant clients. You continue to amaze us with what you achieve. Your successes and stories create so much pride and joy for us. And we learn so much from you. How did we ever get so lucky?!

Thank you to our fabulous Fierce facilitators around the world.  You bring fierce to life. You are the ones who transform the organizations through your hard work and dedication. Our job is to set you up for success, and you are the ones who bring it home. You are creating the fierce wave in this world.

Thank you to our global partners. You share fierce in 11 different languages around the globe. You are critical in achieving our vision of bettering the world one conversation at a time. You give your hearts and souls to this work, and we are forever grateful!

Thank you to our vendors. We consider you an extension of our team. You continue to challenge us. You bring new perspectives to the table. You ask great questions. You are critical in helping us achieve our goals as an organization.

Thank you to the thousands of Fierce champions who write us daily. You inspire us every day. You share your deepest worries and greatest triumphs. You share the failures, and the stories of how you got up and tried again. Please keep your stories coming. We love them.


I recognize that this blog is a lovefest to our company. So please, for anyone who has been touched by Fierce Conversations, Susan Scott, or our organization, share your thoughts. We would love to hear about your favorite memory with Fierce.

We are thankful that each of you are part of our tribe. Cheers to the fierce years ahead!

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