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Confusing Authenticity with Perfection

Confusing-Authenticity-with-Perfection Confusing Authenticity with Perfection - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

 Has authenticity been hijacked?

And in its place is a skewed idea of what it means to be authentic. An idea where you can become a more authentic person by learning how to message the “real” you – the better you.

We see it in the larger public arena, with political leaders who all claim to be showing their authentic selves. Those selves appear to be neatly packaged, never wrong, and always in control.

This warped version of authenticity shows up in organizations. CEOs, managers and employees present a very calculated version of their companies. They paint the picture that the company is in complete control of all situations - look to some of the recent PR debacles for examples.

The days of being wrong and saying sorry seem to be gone.

Since when did being authentic translate to being perfect?

Is your company in the authenticity/perfection struggle?

Do you want to start tackling challenges like employee engagement, employee retention, job satisfaction, and ultimately your bottom line?

The very definition of authenticity is to be original, flaws and all.

Start with asking: how authentic are our company's actions? Our leaders? Are we being pulled down in the murky depths of legislated optimism?


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