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Picture from left to right: Jonah-Kai Hancock, Director of Marketing at AdReady; Robert Gubas, VP Marketing at Marchex; Erin Leach-Kemon, Social Media Marketing Specialist at Optify, Inc.; Scott Fasser, Director of Customer Experience at Optify, Inc.; and me.


Good Communication, Even in Bad Times. Transparent communication is a hallmark of a great start-up culture. No one is confused about the vision and where the company is headed. Communication is open and free-flowing. Hard issues are addressed directly, not ignored. Every start-up goes through ups and downs. The tendency is to not want to share bad news. It’s not as much fun. In great start-up cultures, communication to all stakeholders actually increases during the down times.Thirteen Key Characteristics of a Startup Culture.

This was my favorite characteristic of a start-up culture from Greg Gottesman’s keynote speech last night. The event was Seattle Business Magazine’s 2010 Top Innovators Awards. It is an “annual salute to the new and exciting, the inventors, entrepreneurs, students and academics who are blazing new trails in innovation” in Seattle.

The energy and buzz in the room was contagious. Questions bounced around. Where are we going? Why are we going there? How are we going to get there? As people. As organizations. As a community.

Seattle is regularly mentioned as a hotbed for innovation and entrepreneurs, and I would make the connection that it is directly related to the conversations we have….and don’t have.

People honored last night have been openly communicating, even in the bad times. Sincere KUDOS to all the awardees and especially, our friends at Optify, Inc. for being honored as a Top 25 Innovator in Seattle. We love working with you, and congratulations to Erez Barak and the Optify team for the drive and hard work that your company embodies.



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