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Conversations You Need to Have

Conversations you Need to Have- Fierce, Inc

We all have a few big conversations, both personally and professionally, that we have avoided having and regret to this day. Even though time has passed, our desire to connect with that person and share our version of the truth stays the same.

Why do we do this? Why do we avoid having the conversations that are so important to us?

One of the seven principles of a Fierce Conversation is to Tackle your Toughest Challenge today. While intellectually we may understand this, emotionally it can be far more difficult to do.

Usually the conversation is avoided because there is high emotion around the issue. It can be complicated and scary, and the outcome unclear.

Maybe the conversation is confrontational, maybe not. Either way by avoiding it, we risk losing the relationship.

So, where does this leave us?

It leaves us holding onto those conversations we haven’t had, while we watch the relationships involved move farther away from where we want them to be.

Take this moment to evaluate your relationships and explore if there are any major conversations you’re avoiding. If so, commit to tackling this tough challenge today, and move in a direction of rebuilding now.

There’s no day like the present!


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