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Costco & Fierce Case Study Part One

121212-Fierce_Blog_Image_Template_costco1 Costco & Fierce Case Study Part One - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

Fierce is excited to announce a new case study that highlights our partnership with Costco.

As Costco sets out to double their size by 2025, the organization knows that staying nimble is key. This year Costco created the Cosmos project. This project's goal is to integrate Finance and HR/Payroll systems with elements of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. In other words, the Costco team is modernizing their financial system.

Costco chose Fierce to be an integral part of the Cosmos project to align the diverse team as well as give a shared language and framework.

“Sometimes it seems like the different groups all speak their own language,” said Kelly Paine, a Costco Accounting Manager and the Change Management Lead for Cosmos. “Finance speaks Accounting. IT speaks Tech, and the Consultant speaks Consultantese. We need to understand each other’s perspectives. And in order to do that, we need a shared language.

Success requires people to accept the importance of the big picture—to change behaviors based on what will be good in the long-term, rather than being driven by short-term gains. “This means we’ll have to become more structured administratively while remaining entrepreneurial and innovative in our respective areas of the business,” said Kathy Shannon, Merchandise Accounting AVP and Cosmos Project Executive.”

To learn more about how Fierce supports Costco in achieving their goals, download your complimentary Fierce & Costco Case Study Part One.

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