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Culture at Work: The Tyranny of "Unwritten Rules"

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This week's Fierce Resource was first published on the Forbes website and was written by Rodger Dean Duncan.

Culture at Work: The Tyranny of "Unwritten Rules" explores the power of actions over words, and what a great impact the unspoken truths can have on a culture. For leaders this is critical. And you might not realize the signs your employees are picking up on until you ask.

"As Yogi Berra famously noted, you can observe a lot by watching. What are the artifacts in your environment that tell you something about the culture? These include things like dress codes, reserved parking spaces, the size of people’s offices, and other tangible clues about how values are operationalized. You can also learn a lot by listening. Listen to the conversations in the hallways and employee cafeteria. Listen to the stories people tell. Listen to the legends perpetuated. The things people talk about—and how they talk about them—can shed a lot of light on their culture. In fact, the conversations themselves are an important part of the culture."

To read the full article, click here.


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