Developing Resilience


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Developing Resilience looks at what it takes to bounce back from a not so pleasant event, a bad experience, or frankly a conversation that didn't go so well. What is it that allows you to move forward and not dwell on the past? Or are you someone who analyzes and assesses a situation till you've figured out what went wrong? We all know someone who becomes consumed with "figuring it out" and the truth is, sometimes we need to just let it go and move on.

Think about one thing you want to change in your life. Now make sure you think about how you will achieve it, instead of what's standing in your way.

"Resilient people view a difficulty as a challenge, not as a paralyzing event. They look at their failures and mistakes as lessons to be learned from, and as opportunities for growth. They don't view them as a negative reflection on their abilities or self-worth."

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