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Effective Delegation = Active Accountability = A Decision Driven Work Place


I am not a math major. However, I like this equation : effective delegation = active accountability = a decision-driven work place.

We are living in indecisive times.  From the government to the stock market, we can’t decide if it’s right or left, up or down, black or white, and this stalemate process is slowly bleeding into our workplace. 

When did everyone stop wanting to own a decision?

As a leader you are charged with the task of looking at the big picture, and then sharing that vision with those  who you are leading. Delegating responsibility is an integral part of the process, yet delegation is more than just assigning projects.

Effective delegation is about knowing how to have the conversations with your team that are candid and clear, and allow your employees to hold themselves able to accomplish what they’ve been tasked to do.

At Fierce, we use the analogy of a decision tree to facilitate these conversations. Someone can be delegated responsibilities at four different levels: Root, Trunk, Branch and Leaf.  Each level has a clear and concise definition of what is expected of them for that project and how they interact with you, the leader. This type of clarity allows them to be decisive. It also encourages innovation and collaboration by providing the type of limits that people respond positively to.

You have to be a strong leader to delegate this way. It requires a lot on your own part to communicate to those around you what you expect. It takes time and energy. It will also, over time, yield an environment of accountability that is not paralyzed by fear.

How decisive is your workplace?


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